How to setup Apache 2.0 on Suse 9.1 Personal Edition

  1. Install Suse 9.1 Personal from CD
  2. Login as “root”. Open YAST.
  3. Pick the “Software Category”
  4. Pick “Change Source of Installation”
  5. Click Add then choose FTP
    Server Name ftp.suse.com
    Directory on server: pub/suse/i386/9.1
    Authentication set to Anonymous ON
  6. Click OK, then FINISH
  7. Click Install and Remove Software from YAST
  8. Search for Apache and then select the modules you want to install.
  9. Create a text file named include.conf in the /etc/apache2/sysconfig.d subdirectory
  10. Start Apache 2.0 by running the following command from X Terminal or Konsole:
  11. If you want to run Apache 2.0 as a server at start up (command line):
    cd /etc/init.d
    insserv apache2
  12. If you want to run Apache 2.0 as a server at start up (YAST):
    Open YAST
    Click the “System” icon in the left pane of the YAST window
    Click the “Run Level Editor” in the right pane.
    Click the “Expert mode” radio button at the top of the YAST Window
    Select Apache 2.0 from the scrolling list
    Under the “Set/Reset” drop down in the lower right corner choose “Enable the service”
    This should automatically select the appropriate one levels to use when starting the service.
    Under the “Start/Stop/Refresh” Drop down, select “ Start now “
  13. Click “Finish”

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