Agenda for Aug 2nd Meeting-No site

  • Jason has a fun story for us....
  • Discuss the opening of Best Buy.
  • Alan may have some intersting CLC news for us.


My new bass

Hope to pick this baby up on Saturday (07/10/04). If you'd like to road trip let me know, I'd certainly enjoy the company. Jason

Topics of July 5th

Tiny Url BTW: this will work with Netscape.
XM Roady2 Review
New wi-fi: WiMAX 75 megabits/sec up to 30 miles


    selling his truck and his drums :-(

    been looking for a 1ghz machine for testing.

    Went on vacation so he can work....ummmmm....
    Experimenting with Linux distros (still looking for the killer GUI).

    Been tring grab the tiger by the tail with his new house.

    Not answering his phone out of spite ;-)
    Recovering from the near beating he took after "locking a db file" during a switch upgrade.