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Why do I hate MS?
not cuz they have been unresponsive to the computer security field in locking down their code; not cuz they are so fat in a business development sense that they can't fix poorly written code; but cuz they blatantly use their size to leverage their products into OEM machines and explicitly demand the removal of competitors from those same physical machines....that's why...I do, however, enjoy Halo for the PC.

anyway, here's how to uninstall windows messenger cuz Bill thinks for some reason that no matter what I think, HE knows better about what I want and need on my system when it comes to IM clients....geeeesh....get a clue dude.

a world where I can setup my windows with only the MS stuff that I want installed from the install disk and save that "suit" and then go to my buddy's house and say, "Look I was able to squeeze out about 7% better performance by setting up my system like this." and hand him the config file. he then puts in his install disk and checks "Make my system look like this..." and then he has an identical copy of my system setup which works much better for us for what we want to do.
*end dream*

broomeman.com - How to Uninstall Windows Messenger: "msmsgs=msgrocm.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs"

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