Geek Night Feb-06

ok, last night turned out to be a big cathartic-primal-scream for myself and maybe for others.

Jason gave an example of how not to do project management; proving that more cooks don't actually get things done quicker or better but just: burns down the restaurant; insults the teamster dock-workers local; and prints questionable irreligious cartoons in the international press (note to Denmark: "Welcome to the short-bus").

Allen sent out an email with a webcast he was being interviewed in; thus upping the ante on the InfoWeek quote.

I gave a great Dilbert story about office insanity. And enjoyed the most recent Employee satisfaction survey.

Allen and Alan got a junk-swap going in the parking lot in which a Pentium (probably P90) laptop was brandished and a Trident video card (I'm not sure of the date on the card but I'm pretty sure you could actually Carbon Date it).

However, I came late and so missed the other highlights. However, one member sent over a couple of management links for book that could be of interest.


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